About Vox Ton

Vox-Ton is the perfect studio to record any kind of music, from classical to electronic, soundtracks, jazz and rock. It is the place to be when you're a pianist, offering a pristine condition and great sounding Steinway D, in a wonderful sounding room, with the possibilities to capture the sound on tape or digital, with the best audio equipment you can find. Other amazing pianos available are a Steinway A (from the 1940s), and a Kawai baby grand.

Vox-Ton is also one of the very few studios where you can still produce a record fully analog, without computer or digital equipment. There is a vast choice of vintage tape machines and formats.

The centerpiece of the studio is a beautiful Cadac G-series console from 1972. It is fully discrete and class A, with mastering grade inductor eq's on each channel and a 44Volts audio power supply that gives a smooth and clear sound with big and solid bass, low noise and lots of headroom. The line and microphone inputs are fitted with Marinair transformers, the same as the ones used on the famous Neve 1073.

We use a Studer A80 16 trk 2" tape machine (the best format for analog multitrack) a studer A80 1/2" and 1/4", Ampex 351stereo or Ampex 400a mono as a mastering / mixdown machines or for effects (tape delay, flanger/phaser, saturation/distortion).

On the digital side of things we work with the latest versions of Pro Tools and Logic (other software on request).

The main Live room with natural day light and a superb wooden floor, has a nice and smooth natural reverb, perfect for pianos, strings, ensembles, but also for jazz and rock bands.

We have different kinds of panels and gobos in order to change the reverb decay and/or obtain more separation during a Live recording.

The control room offers a cozy and relaxing atmosphere which is also perfect for the most demanding projects. We are the proud owners of various new and vintage outboard gear including the likes of a EMT 140 stereo tube plate reverb, a pair of Klein and Hummel UE-1000 mastering eq's and various other pieces of recording history. just check our gear list or just ask as our outboard racks seem to expand every other day ;-) You can also use the big modular synthesizer that is in the control room for tracking and/or mixing.

The microphone collection is very special including an original U47 tube, a pair of old RFT Bottle Mics, vintage RCA ribbon microphones, Reslo ribbon and many unconventional vintage dynamic microphones. We also provide a relaxing room (55 sqmt) with a fully equipped kitchen and natural light, where you can relax, have lunch/dinner, rehearse or use it as additional recording room.

All the rooms are provided with microphone lines, tie lines, cat6 ethernet, video lines and speaker connections.